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Maged Estafanous
Bachelor of Commerce

By the Grace of God, I am passionate to take the blessings of Deaconess services (Alter service and adults, Homeless service, University meeting service and the Bible study.

Christian Mourad
B.A.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering

I am passionate about both youth ministry and mission (i.e. showing Christ to the Milton community through our Church).
I love spending time with the youths, listening to them, teaching them about our faith, preparing lessons, activities and trips for them, and being part of their journey to know Christ and become committed members of His Church. I am especially excited about engaging the youths in the Church and the Milton community, giving them ownership of their faith and their Church, so that they can share it with their friends and their community. I am also passionate about finding the youths who are struggling to commit to the Church by reaching them through their friends or through various outreach activities. Moreover, I am eager to involve the entire family in ministry, as the Church is here to support and strengthen them, since parents are the primary spiritual mentors of their children.
I hope to see our Church invite members of the community through social events, festivals (e.g., St. Abaounb’s Festival), Christmas events (e.g., on the way to Bethlehem), young adult meetings (e.g., DIG), service to the needy, and events for seniors. I am excited to see our Church participate in and initiate community services and show Christ’s love to the town of Milton. Our Church is filled with love for Christ and with great talent, and as we grow, we have more opportunities for every member to spread this love through their talents to our community.

Monica Nasralla
Bachelor's of Computer Engineering, McMaster University

Youth Ministry has been my passion since 2012, I started as a servant to JK, G1, G4, G5 and moved to High school service in 2017. I am particularly passionate about youth because I strongly believe that the future of the church lies in their hands; our church is built on generations passing Christ’s values and teachings onward. Growing up in the church taught me that I have a place to go and unite with God which supported me through difficult times. I try to show the youth that the church is a place to keep you grounded and in communion with others. It is also a place where they learn about leadership and making a difference; youth need to know that the world outside the church is not to be avoided but to be introduced to Christ. As youth grow up, we see them wanting to express their ideas and their beliefs, the church should be a place where they can do so freely. It is also a place to guide and correct wrong beliefs that they may develop. Young girls are to be encouraged to find their voices in the church as they sometimes feel left behind and become complaisant. The church should ultimately be a safe haven for the youth to come and invite others to meet with Christ. It should provide them with the guidance they need to become Christ’s disciples.

Mariam Youssef
Bachelor of International Commerce + Bachelor of Education with Special Education specialization

Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a Youth Ministry Servant, Choir Music Lead, Sunday School Coordinator, Ministries Administrative Coordinator, and Summer Camp Director. My vision is to embrace the growing congregation by actively engaging the families, starting with the kids and youth, and to ensure a sense of belonging and unity through dynamic and coherent Ministries and Services.

Youssef Soliman
Master of Business Administration (MBA) + BSc. of Engineering

I am passionate about working with other coordinators and servants towards a common objective: “that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus” (Col 1:28). This objective can be realized through the following action:

1-Spiritual and educational development of our valuable team of servants and equipping them with enough knowledge to pass on our dogma, traditions, and heritage. Our servants will in turn be spiritually leading the development of our next generation of youth and children at SGSA.
2-Continual improvements of our Sunday School and Youth programs and curriculums with an emphasis on addressing new and evolving challenges faced by our youth in today’ society and culture.
3-Raising the next generation of young and enthusiastic leaders through cooperation and mentorship from seasoned spiritually filled leaders.
4-Expanding our youth ministry and service within our Church and community.

Working on growing services such as Allendale Long term facility and the homeless service. The aim of these engagements is to expand the role of the Church and become a role model for our youth in contributing and enriching our local community.

Fathi Gergis
B.Sc. Civil Engineering

“Measure twice cut once”
Solving problems and finding solutions is my passion, helping others get more with less is my calling. As a project manager and professional engineer at GHD, I am constantly using a careful eye to diagnose structural problems and coming up with ways to solve them. I like to be prepared and have all the facts so I can get it right the first time around. I am blessed with a loving family and fulfilling career. As a husband and a father of two, the family teaches me that love is patient and love is kind. I taught my children to live in the fear of God and he has blessed me with a pharmacist and an Engineer. The work teaches me that there is no secret to success: just the blessing of God and Hardwork. I want to give back to the church what the church has given me. Whether it’s helping make newcomers settle in Canada, making Orban, or serving on the council, I want to make the church a home for others and help expand it by using my personal and professional experience. May God bless our service and multiply our efforts big or small.

Rafik Zaki
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering / Licensed Ontario Professional Engineer

I’m passionate about continuing in serving our church in operation and maintenance field. Having this blessing since 2013 serving with engineering, operation and maintenance committees made me aware of our church technical requirements/needs
Willing to continue contributing to that service using my engineering, management background and my working/serving years of experience

George Abdelmalek
Certified Project Manager and Bcom - Accounting and Business Administration

I am humbled by your nomination and would be more than happy to serve our beloved church as you deem appropriate, here is my Biography including areas where I took the blessings of serving at. Born and raised in Heliopolis, Cairo. From Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Ard-el-golf, serving Saint George and Saint Abanoub church in Milton since 2012. My patron saint is Saint George. I have been actively volunteering and taking the blessings of the service as Ushers Ministry head since it was formed, also was a member of the Fundraising committee prior to the pandemic. Married to Marine Rofaiel for 21 years and proud father of Daniel 19 & Despina 15. I speak four languages and also known as Yorgho, which is George in Greek.

Mariam Wassef
Bachelor degree in Engineering, P.Eng, PMP

I am passionate about serving in the fundraising. I had the blessing to be a member of the fundraising team since 2013 (since it has been formed) that makes me so passionate about it. I believe that it’s a big responsibility and a huge challenge. But only God can complete this task. 
If I have the blessing to serve God in this role, I will utilize my 23 years of multidisciplinary experience in different Multi-National Companies (MobiNil, Rogers, Blackberry, GE and finally a real estate broker and business owner) to assist in the fulfillment of our new church project through raising the required funds. 
Also, as a Certified Professional Engineer (P.Eng), Project Management Professional (PMP), Real Estate Broker and a Business owner, I can help our church meet the required milestone towards building our new church.

Samer Fahmy
Honours Bachelor of Businees Administration, Marketing & Finance

Our church has experienced exponential growth over the last few years. Many families have called Milton their new home and have joined the SGSA community. To be able to provide a wholistic service for all members investments are required, however funds are needed. Traditionally we look internally to fulfill the need but need to find creative ideas and reach out to our external community to help through establishing our brand. Having great research and communication skills I believe with a Gods help that I can help accelerate our income streams that will help in facilitating rapid change to help support our ever growing community and establish our presence in this city.

Sunday, Feb 13th

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