Camp info / regulations

The all-time favorite SGSA CAMP is now open for registration!

Lighthouse 555 Steeles Avenue East, Milton Facility includes gym, spacious green outdoor area, chapel, cafeteria and many activity rooms

Date: July 2 to August 23, 2024
Time: 8:30 – 4:00pm

JK to G6 IMPORTANT: Minimum age requirement: Kids must have been already enroled in JK in the current academic year.

Our diverse and exciting program includes:
Bible Time
Character Building
Arts and Crafts
Gym Time
Praise and Prayer
Outdoor games
Cooking fun
Movie night and popcorn and more!

What should my child bring to Camp?
o Kids are required to bring their own nut-free snacks, lunch and water bottles.
o They are also advised to be mindful of the weather (in terms of garments and accessories) should we have outdoor activities. On rainy days, children will stay indoors.
o On sunny/hot days, please send them with a hat and sunscreen. Parents are to apply sunscreen for their child(ren) before Camp as staff are not allowed to do it for them.
o Remember to label all belongings. Personal items are the responsibility of their owners.
o The use of electronic devices is not allowed during Camp hours. Should there be a need to communicate an important message to your child, kindly message the coordinator who will pass it on to your child(ren), and, if needed, will organize a suitable time to have them call you back.

Early Bird: $200/Wk (close on April 30)
Registration: $220/Wk (close on June 7)
Daily Rate: $55/day
Aftercare (4:00pm-6:00pm)
– $15/day
– $60/wk

Our Camp policy prohibits certain behaviors, such as, but not limited to:

• Bullying
• Fighting
• Threatening others
• Stealing or damaging Camp property or the property of others
• Lacking respect towards others, especially leaders in charge
• Leaving a program or activity without permission

For cancelations, please use the button below

Click here to cancel

Cancelation fees apply for notice less than 10 days ahead: $10/day or $25/week per child. Cancelations made less than 48 hours ahead are subject to 50% cancelation fees. No refund for no show or same day cancelations.

Note: It might take 24 -48 hrs to receive the refund.

In this form, I, the parent/guardian, name above, of each child whose name is given above as the participant:
1. Give permission to my child, the participant, to participate in this trip/activity of the Church of St. George & St. Abanoub;
2. Agree that my child, the participant, will abide by all the rules and regulations of the trip/activity leader(s); otherwise, he/she will be returned at my expense;
3. Permit the Church, the trip/activity leader(s), or whom they may designate, to act on my behalf in case of medical emergencies or accidents pertaining to my child, the participant, during the trip/activity;
4. Authorize the medical doctor, hospital or medical center to act as they see fit to treat my child in case of emergencies or accidents; I will be responsible for the cost of the treatment or medical procedures; and,
5. Release the Church, and its priests, directors, and members, as well as the trip/activity leader(s) from all liabilities or responsibilities that may arise from accidents or other events during the trip/activity
6. Understand that photos will be taken during special activities at camp to be shared with the registered parents, or to be added to camp promotional posters, unless I communicate otherwise to the camp Coordinator.
7. Understand that registrations will not be confirmed without FULL PAYMENT. For multiple-week registrations, an installment program MIGHT be offered. Cancelations made less than 10 days ahead are subject to $25/week or $10/day cancelation fees/child. I agree to all the above for all my registered children

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