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Monthly Direct Deposit Form

Get the Blessings By Powering our Church Monthly


If you have an obligation to make monthly payments to cover your mortgage, electricity, water, etc. You will appreciate what that means for our church (with even bigger commitments) to have a steady recurring income to cover its monthly operations.


Currently, the Monthly Direct Deposit program generates $51K. Our goal is to increase this to $80k to be exact and we are counting on your help!


Our church has been blessed with a wonderful congregation, and we have accomplished a lot together with the grace of God, and with your unwavering support. The GREAT NEWS is our church continues to grow. With this growth comes expansion of the ministry, and thus a need to secure a reliable income to cover the church’s operations.

We need your help to reach our new goal of $80K in monthly direct deposits to cover church operations!


Here is why the Monthly Direct Deposit program is critical for the church stability and growth:


  • Provides funding for consistent and stable operations

  • Gives us good solid standing with the bank

  • Increase the current participation among the SGSA families (currently at 20%) which helps us plan better for the future of our church and its needs amongst other benefits


We are confident that with your help we can reach our goal!


Here’s how you can help:

  • If you are already a participant in the Monthly direct deposit program you can consider increasing your amount by emailing the church accounting team at

  • If you aren’t currently participating in the program, please click here to fill a form to enroll. It is a quick and easy process!


If you need more information or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of our fundraising team members at