When using our gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (groceries, gas, household items, etc.), retailers offer a rebate percentage back in support the new Church fundraising efforts. 

No Fees No Catch!

How it works?


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Buy $100, Get $100
Buy cards at face value, get face value at the retailers.


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Shop As Usual, With cards from over 230 leading retailers.


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Pay with our gift cards instead of credit/debit/cash for your everyday items & gifts


Raise Funds for our church

Each purchase automatically includes a donation for our new project.


Over 230 participating retailers you know & love.
Pay for your day-to-day purchases with our gift cards instead of cash, credit or debit. 

With our growing list of leading retailers, you can find gift cards for the basics like groceries and gas but, we also carry a large variety of other categories including: pharmacy, home improvement, department store, restaurants, pizza, coffee shops, household items, clothing stores, movies & books, travel, and more. All our gift cards come from the retailers themselves; so you can be certain they’ll be accepted when you use them.

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