What’s Tinahti Academy?

“Tinahti Academy is an educational platform for SGSA Milton servants to facilitate continuous development of the servants through providing materials and courses in all fields of theological studies”


“Empowering the servants of the church to fulfill all the service needs and be able to cope with the new challenges that our kids and youth go through”

How it works?

  • Servants’ certification, 6 modules
  • The service will help the servants to decide on the fields of interest and find the appropriate schools and programs.
  • The church will fund %50 of the tuition fees.
  • The servants who will do higher studies after the servants’ certification, will be invested more in the church services in their fields of study and will be the church

Tinahti Academy
Servants’ development Academy

Supplementary Form Conditions

Commitment to Church Service:

Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to serving the church and its community, showing a history of active involvement in church activities and ministries.

Statement of Purpose:

Applicants must provide a thoughtful statement outlining their spiritual journey, their aspirations for further spiritual development, and how they envision contributing to the church’s mission and ministry.

Academic Excellence:

While academic achievement is not the sole determinant, applicants should have a satisfactory academic record that reflects their ability to succeed in the spiritual development program. This is defined as achieving Excellent or Very Good grade (A to B+) in 2 of 6 modules, preferably in the spiritual stream that they intend to pursue further study in.

Continued Education:

Servants who complete the initial certification program and pursue higher studies with church funding must commit to using their education to enhance their service within the church community, whether through pastoral ministry, counseling, education, or other relevant fields.

Accountability and Reporting:

Recipients of church funding must be willing to provide regular updates on their academic progress, spiritual growth, and involvement in church service, allowing for ongoing support and guidance from church leadership.

⁠(Optional) Mentorship and Support:

The church may assign mentors or spiritual advisors to assist funded candidates throughout their journey, providing guidance, encouragement, and accountability.

Service Obligation:

Upon completion of their studies, recipients of church funding may be required to serve within the church for a designated period, contributing their skills, knowledge, and leadership to further the church’s mission and ministry goals.

⁠(Optional) Agreement to Terms:

Accepted candidates must agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the church, including participating in church activities, adhering to the church’s doctrines and values, and maintaining good standing within the congregation.

⁠(If applicant is not from SGSA):

Letter of Recommendation: Each applicant should submit a letter of recommendation from their pastor or church leader, endorsing their character, dedication, and potential for spiritual leadership.

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